How to Speak Japanese Fast

Learning Japanese doesn’t need to be as hard as everyone makes out. In fact, when you discover how to speak Japanese the easy way, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Let’s examine the quickest and simplest way of learning Japanese fast.

As with any language, remembering thousands of new words is a time consuming task. The mere thought of vocab lists, study and revision is enough to turn most people off.

What if you could learn Japanese words in an instant? What if constant revision became a thing of the past? What could that do for your communication skills?

To memorize Japanese words, you need to follow this simple 3-step

1. Pick a Japanese word to memorize
2. Associate it to an image
3. Think about the association for 10 seconds

Simple as that!

Let’s look at an example:

Step One (Pick a word)

Say we want to learn the Japanese word for „hill“. The Japanese word for hill is ’saka‘ (pronounced sah – kah)

Step Two (Make an association)

Make an association with something that sounds like the Japanese word you want to remember. For example, soccer sounds like ‚ ’saka‘ So, you can associate ’saka‘ and soccer by thinking about someone playing soccer on a hill.

Step Three (Thinkabout it for 10 seconds)

This step is going to lock the Japanese word into your mind
permanently. You should do this exercise for 10 seconds. Close your
eyes and imagine ‚a boy playing soccer on a hill.

Easy as that! Now you will never forget the Japanese word for hill is ’saka‘.

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