100 Japanese Grammar Points in Plain English

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Painlessly Learn Beginner Level Japanese Grammar.

Beginning to learn a new language can be a lot of fun. But it is important to begin your learning with structure. You don't want to end up knowing random or useless information that will sap your motivation once the initial enthusiasm fades.

This book is intended to introduce important grammatical points in a structured, bite-sized way. We will introduce only the most useful grammatical points ordered by how common they are in beginner level textbooks. It is not, however, designed to replace a textbook or even a detailed grammar book.

As a result, we spend little time explaining each grammatical note. Each of the one hundred lessons are designed to be completed in less than ten minutes. You won't master a grammatical point in one ten-minute sitting. You will, however, become familiar with something previously unknown. The next time you review that lesson or run across it in your textbook, you will feel like you are meeting someone you have seen or even met before.

In fact, that is a good way to look at it. We believe that learning complex and previously unknown things like grammar is best done in stages:

Stranger (This is an unknown grammatical point.)
Acquaintance (You've heard of it, but you don't know much about its function or usage.)
Friend (You know a good deal about its function and usage, but may not be able to use it smoothly in conversation.)
Best Friend (You have mastered the grammatical point and you are able to use it correctly at will.)

This book will help you meet the most important Strangers and move them into the Acquaintance or even Friend category.

BONUS #1: Also included is an article on the top ten mistakes beginners make--learn about common mistakes before you make them.

BONUS #2: Download FREE MP3s for every example given (Link is on the last page of the book).

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