Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese

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Join the Thousands who have Mastered Hiragana in Less than Two Weeks with Clay & Yumi's Method.

What if a few quirky mnemonics, helpful hints, and comprehension quizzes could enable you to read real Japanese in less than two weeks from now? Imagine being able to pick up a manga in Japanese and actually sound out the words? How about being able to read the signs in the background of your favorite anime show? What would you do with your newfound superpower!?

Think about it. You will be able to do what most English speakers never will: Read Real Japanese. Well, perhaps you won't be able to understand what you read, but that's what a textbook is for. Being able to read hiragana is the absolute first step toward Japanese proficiency. Do it right and do it now with Clay and Yumi's Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese.

★★ In this book, you'll learn: ★★

- How to master the main characters that form the foundation for all your future Japanese learning.
- How to master the secondary and combination characters
- How to pronounce--correctly--the troublesome sounds not natively found in English.
- How to write each character--correctly--with the correct stroke order shown by step-by-step images.

★★ In this book, you'll get: ★★

- Helpful Mnemonics that make learning a foreign writing system a snap
- A fully Illustrated and easy-to-read layout
- All forty-six main characters plus all the variations
- The history and helpful hints throughout
- Writing Practice Sheets that give ample practice for each character
- BONUS: Download MP3s to hear the correct pronunciation for every Japanese character and vocabulary found in the book.
- BONUS: Download more PDF practice sheets to extend your practice for free.
- BONUS: Buy the Paperback and get the Kindle version FREE (Amazon will show the "Matchbook Price" of $0.00 which you can buy after buying the paperback.)

★★ Some comments from real students using our learn hiragana method: ★★

"I CAN READ AND WRITE REAL JAPANESE.... I can't believe it I can't believe it I can't believe it... A BIG THANK YOU!"

"After the first 7/8 lessons the rest just fell into place and with your help I learned all of these in just a few hours over 3 days."

"I know it felt so cool to me to be able to read actual Japanese when I was first learning the kana. 😀 And the more you practice, the faster you get."

★★ PLUS! ★★
Download nearly TWO HUNDRED sound files free of charge to hear not only the correct pronunciation of each character, but also of each example word and sentence found in the book. The link to download is found on the last page of the ebook.

If you have any questions before or after buying the book, please contact the author. We recommend getting the paperback since that includes practice writing pages AND you also get the MP3s and Kindle version absolutely free.

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