Japanese Reader Collection Volume 3: The Inch-High Samurai

Learn Japanese with Stories Volume 3: The Inch-High Samurai + Audio Download (Japanese Reader Collection) (English Edition) User Rating:
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Recommended for upper beginners and lower intermediates of Japanese.
NEWLY UPDATED WITH A BONUS STORY: Kaguya Hime (including MP3s of both stories)
FREE PDF and MP3s of the stories read by a native Japanese speaker--download link found on the last page. Listen while reading to develop listening comprehension, reading skills, and building vocabulary.

Inch-High Samurai: Read--in Japanese--how a tiny, yet very brave samurai manages to marry a princess.
Kaguya Hime: An old man finds a girl in a bamboo stalk and raises her as his own. It turns out, she is out of this world.
While beginners of Japanese can get a lot from this, hiragana knowledge is highly recommended.

* All vocabulary is defined in English under each paragraph
* The full story just in Japanese is also provided so you can practice reading without interruption
* An English translation is provided (but not encouraged)
* Extensive grammar notes for both stories
* Best of all, download FREE MP3s of the story read by a native Japanese speech actress. (See the last page of the book for the link)

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