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Struggling to sound natural in Japanese? Looking for a Japanese "text"book that's as fun as it is educational? Learn how to use ninety-nine essential Japanese onomatopoeic sound words.

Japanese uses these fun sound words more often than we do in English. This book covers ninety-nine of the most useful sound words. In addition, each word also has an example sentence to show context.

Each of the ninety-nine entries begins with the target word itself and several English definitions. A single example sentence showing usage follows. At the bottom of the page are some notes either about the word itself or the example sentence.

Each word has its own MP3. The sound file is named for the word itself. The MP3 has the word and example sentence in Japanese.

* Furigana (small hiragana over each kanji) and ro-maji is provided for all levels
* Completely new recordings of all Japanese
* Corrected mistakes and expanded with new words
* Added comments for every single sound word

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