SPEAK JAPANESE TODAY–A Little Language Goes a Long Way!

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This "home course" in Japanese features a phonetic pronunciation system that makes it possible for anyhone to pronounce Japanese correctly without previous study. All you have to do is pronounce the English phonetics and the sound comes out "Japanese." Author Boye Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Japan since 1949 and has written more than 40 books on the business practices, culture and language, including the first book ever on the Japanese way of doing business, Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in Business, first publisedin 1959 and still in print in its 6th edition. Speak Japanese Today is ideal for travelers, businesspeople, and anyone interested in Japanese culture. Contents includes common greetings and questions, and sentences relating to travel, airports, airlines, immigration, hotels, dining, shopping, sightseeing, taxis, buses, homestays, and more.

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