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START NOW! Are you want to learn Japanese . This is ebook for you. There are all the history of Japanese, characters, line stroking, pronunciation of Japanese, Japanese writing and exercises for practice and review.
The strong points.
1.The contents are easy to understand.
2.There are many cartoon characters in contents to make you funny such as Jane, Ken, Kazhuya and so on.
3.Increase your writing skill with exercises that are easy to write correctly.
4.Extremely special with word cards for learning by heart, big character, beautiful picture, vocabulary and the answers on the back
a.The first card helps you to read and remember vocabulary.
b.The second card is the answers of spelling and meaning of the words.
5.The character tables: Seion, Dakuon and Yoon help you to review again.
Jane: Let’s begin to learn Japanese together.
Ken: You will surely be good at Japanese.
Kazhuya: Oh! The contents cover Japanese indeed. Kazhuya guarantees.

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